About Us

Flatrock provides a home, support and inspiration to those vulnerable members of our community with disabilities who need a safe and welcoming environment to thrive. Our fully integrated services include 24-hour staffing, counseling, medical care, occupational therapy and case management, as well as compassionate residential care in a family setting.!


Our Values


Flatrock supports an open-minded culture which encourages diversity and inclusion for everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or disability. We fight against the stigma and oppression of those who suffer from mental illness and strive for an equalitarian community that thrives on understanding and compassion.


Flatrock supports and empowers residents to become independent and reach their highest potential. We promote best practices in our own operations and campaign for improvements in our communities that benefit our residents. Our residents are family and we are their biggest supporters.


Our passionate staff is dedicated to the growth of our residents and the company. We are proud of our enthusiastic, large-hearted and hard-working employees who make a home for our residents and provide loving family support.


Our proven reliability is due to our commitment to ownership of both our successes, and our mistakes. Whether it is the improvements made to our care homes learned through past challenges, or seeing a resident reach a developmental milestone, we are constantly growing and seeking to educate ourselves on what is best for our family.

Lasting Relationships

Our care homes boast the best amenities and programming that residential care has to offer. From renovated homes in wooded locales to repurposed schools with robust activity options - we have taken what we have learned about our residents' needs and sought out the best there is to offer.


At Flatrock, you are family. We pride ourselves on our long-lasting, trustworthy relationships among our residents, staff, community and outside agencies. Our family values of support, acceptance and trust are the heart of what we do.


Our Family

Meet the leadership team that keeps Flatrock running smoothly every day and ensures we are tending to all the needs of our care home residents.

Nicholas Burnett

Chief Executive Officer

Carrie Aldrich

Chief Operating Officer

Nicholas Brazeal

Development Manager

Tiffiny Ellis

Healthcare Manager

Patti Lee

Clinical Director

Laurie Depillars

Human Resources Director

Jeff Selle

Program Director

Stevie Walton

Executive Assistant

Charles Zimmer

Program Director

Morgan Yarosky

Operations Manager

Flatrock Difference

01 Safety

Resident safety is Flatrock's top priority

From alarmed doors to shatterproof glass and constant supervision, resident safety is always top of mind

02 Programming

Specialized programs for each resident

We work with each resident individually to find the best behavioral treatment plan to help them live their best and most independent life.

03 Medical and Mental Health Care

Medical care is always available

All residents have 24-hour access to medical and mental health care from on-call teams

04 Family

Family atmosphere

At Flatrock, our motto is “Flatrock is Family”, and that’s the truth our team lives every day. We care about our residents and do all we can to make their lives better.

05 Amenities

Something for all tastes

Sensory rooms are available for residents who need them; and for fun we offer game rooms, trampolines, pools, nature trails and more

06 Events

Always something happening at Flatrock

Whether it’s decorating for St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween, visiting a water park, enjoying a summer barbecue, or enjoying our annual resident prom event, there’s never a dull moment for Flatrock residents


Real Cozy

Our Values

“Flatrock is Family” is more than our motto, it is our mission statement and mode of operation.  Our Flatrock family, from our CEO to Community Support Advocates and Direct Care Workers, all strive to provide genuine care and concern for everyone who calls Flatrock home. We cherish our employees and residents and offer a supportive, welcoming environment to reach personal goals, build relationships and thrive as a member of our family.