Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week

A woman traveling to visit a sick relative stops at a diner. Hungry and strapped for cash, she asks for prices for some of the lower-priced items: Soup? Small fries? A slice of pie? She counts her change, sighs and pays for a cup of coffee and goes to the restroom. When she returns, there is a carryout bag of food for her paid for by an anonymous benefactor.   

This is an example of the many random acts of kindness that can be demonstrated during Random Acts of Kindness Week, which is celebrated February 14-20, and beyond. 

While kindness certainly benefits the recipient, did you know it benefits the giver? The National Library of Medicine reports that perpetually kind people actually have less cortisol (our stress hormone) in their systems and age slower than the rest of the population.   

Acts of kindness can be small, such as offering a compliment, or large, such as offering an organ, but the point is to practice it and reap the emotional and physical benefits. Some ideas to incorporate into your practice:

  • Do a chore for an elderly neighbor
  • Volunteer some time at a food bank or homeless shelter
  • Write a note to a friend telling them how important they are to you
  • Pick up trash on a walk around your neighborhood

At Flatrock, we employ some of the kindest people on the planet and it’s contagious!