End the Stereotypes about Down Syndrome

World Down Syndrome Day’s theme for 2024 is a call to end the stereotypes of those with Down Syndrome. For those with intellectual disabilities, stereotypes can stop them from being treated like others and often excluded, underestimated or dismissed. Some with Down Syndrome also are at risk of being very badly treated and abused.

So, what is a stereotype?  A stereotype is a set idea usually based on limited information or personal experience. Media and cultural messages can reinforce these ideas and they can be difficult to change.

Some truths about Down Syndrome that can be spread to help end the stereotypes are:

· People are all different. Each person with Down Syndrome is different. Each person with an intellectual disability is different.

· People with Down Syndrome don’t all act the same way or like the same things. They each have their identity, interests, likes and dislikes, gifts and talents, just like everyone else. 

· Having Down Syndrome or an intellectual disability is just one part of who they are!  They are people, so treat everyone like a person.

At Flatrock, our residents all face their own unique challenges, and we make sure to celebrate our differences and ensure our residents all have the resources to be the best they can be!