January is World Health Esteem Month

For many, January is a time for a clean slate. Resolutions are made to improve lives. For many though, those resolutions result in disappointment and a feeling of failure.

As an alternative, World Health Esteem Month aims to change that cycle. Instead of making far-reaching resolutions that are difficult or impossible to attain, World Health Esteem Month encourages people to make small choices to enhance their lives.

So what is “Health Esteem?” Health esteem is a new category of fitness and its basis is self-acceptance for who you are now, and championing what you want to change. The idea is that while self-improvement is great, it shouldn’t come at the expense of our self-esteem. This fits in well with our philosophy at Flatrock — where we encourage all of our residents to maintain high self-esteem and confidence, even as they work through any daily struggles alongside our team.

Some easy ideas to enhance your health, without damaging your Health Esteem, include:

1.     Do the hardest thing on your list first
2.     Swap afternoon treats with superfood desserts
3.     Give good, positive energy
4.     Do a post-work reflection
5.     Slow dinner down
6.     Eliminate use of screens 30 minutes before bedtime

You can’t fail at Health Esteem! It starts with appreciating who you are and finding gratitude for how you got here, all while purposefully working toward an even better future.