Light it Up Blue!

Today is World Autism Awareness Day and the entire month of April observes awareness of this common – and commonly misunderstood – condition. The theme for 2024 is “Light it Up Blue!” which strives to shed light on a condition that affects one in 36 individuals in the U.S. and celebrate the many achievements of those on the autistic spectrum such as:

· Temple Grandin, professor of animal science at Colorado State University and a prominent advocate for autism and animal welfare.

·  Susan Boyle, internationally known singer from Scotland.

· Daniel Tamant, British author and mathematician who holds the European record for reciting pi from memory to 22, 514 digits.

· Darryl Hannah, successful Hollywood film actress.

At Flatrock, many of our residents live with autism, and we provide them with tools and resources every day such as occupational therapy to aid them in their quest to reach their full potential.