National Suicide Prevention Week

Today starts the beginning of National Suicide Prevention Week. The American Association of Suicidology stresses the need to be open about suicide and talk about it not just this week but ongoing. The Association encourages people to spread awareness, advocate for research funding, and be kind to others.

The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline offers five steps to help someone you suspect may be considering suicide:

1. Ask if they are considering suicide. Asking someone if they are considering killing themselves does not put the idea in their head. Do not be afraid to ask!2. If someone admits to considering suicide, it is important to seek immediate medical attention, especially if they shared their plan with you or have access to firearms.
3. If they are willing to talk, do not lecture or correct. Listen without judgment and with empathy. Let them know they have a shoulder to lean on when they need it.
4. Help them find a support system. Those who have attempted to harm themselves are often at risk of another attempt at suicide
5. Follow up with them. It could mean preventing thoughts of suicide or another attempt.

At Flatrock the wellbeing of our residents and staff are our first priority. We encourage open communication about suicide and can provide helpful resources to those needing help. Flatrock is family.