Overcoming the “Not in My Backyard” mindset

NIMBYism is a common reference to the resistance of residents to the establishment of homes and other facilities for individuals with mental illness or disabilities in their neighborhoods. This resistance is most often fueled by fear, stigma and misconceptions about the residents in these care homes.

April is National Fair Housing Month, and a time for us to dispel misunderstandings and forge welcoming relationships with neighbors. Some ways to do this include advocacy, awareness and community integration.

Advocacy groups, including legal organizations, fight against unfair housing practices that target individuals with mental illness or disabilities by providing education and legal assistance to challenge discriminatory practices and support suitable housing access.

When communities are educated about mental illness and disabilities, it can reduce stigma and opposition to homes. The goal is to educate communities about the benefits of inclusion and support for these individuals, so they are receptive to the establishment of housing options.

At Flatrock, we strongly believe that everyone deserves a safe and welcoming home and we encourage our neighbors to educate themselves about mental illness and disabilities.